Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the database?

The data is owned by Data Direct at all times. It is licensed for use by customers for the period of their license agreement only, subject to terms and conditions and the License Agreement.

Are there any laws that protect the database?

Yes, the data is protected under the UK Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988 and the European Union 1996 Directive No. 96/9/EC on the legal protection of databases. Breaching the terms of the License Agreement or using the data illegally constitutes an infringement of UK and European Law and can lead to serious consequences.

Do you monitor how the data is being used?

Yes, we have a system that “seeds” the database. Seeds are a record, or item of information added to a record, that exists to uniquely identify that the data is owned by Data Direct and enables us to monitor how the data is being used to prevent illegal use. Seed information can include company names, addresses, contact names, positions, email addresses, telephone and fax numbers.

How can I use the data?

Your company may use the data for marketing and sales of your products and services for the period of your subscription. You have unlimited use of the data provided your activity is not offensive or harmful, you act in accordance with current legal requirements and you agree to the following terms of use:

You may only offer products or services that are industry-related and relevant to the recipient’s business.

You must provide clear contact details on all communications. Do not conceal your identity.

You must provide the recipient with an opt-out of receiving further communications.

You must maintain your opt-out list to ensure you do not send further messages to those who do not wish to receive them.

We have a group of companies; how may we use the data?

Data is licensed on a strict single-company use basis and the database is “seeded” to enable us to track who is using the data. We provide Group discount rates but each company will need their own individual license.

Can we supply data to our customers or associates?

The data must not be supplied to third parties under any circumstances and doing so is a breach of the License Agreement. Furthermore, if the recipient of the data uses it they will infringe UK and European Copyright Law and could be prosecuted.

Can we use the data on behalf of third parties?

No, you cannot use the data to carry out a sales or marketing campaign on behalf of a third party, such as a customer or group company, however, we will be pleased to assist the third party and provide a referral discount.

Can a mailing house or agency use the data?

You may provide data to a specialist marketing agency or mailing house provided they agree to use the data solely for the specified campaign on your behalf, and to destroy all records thereafter. However, you are responsible for the data at all times and must ensure your agency complies with the license agreement and current regulations.

What happens at the end of the license Agreement?

Your license to use the data will finish unless you choose to renew.

If you choose to end or cancel your license you must cease use of the data. Any copies, records, in digital or print format, must be destroyed. You should make a note of records that you merge with other databases, as you will need to fully remove our data at the end of your subscription.

Continued use of our data after the agreement has ended or been cancelled is deemed to be confirmation of renewal of your license.

What happens if a company uses the data illegally?

In the interests of protecting our company, the integrity and value of the database, and our fee-paying customers, it is our policy to take legal action against companies who use the data illegally.

Can my staff access the data?

Anyone you appoint within your organisation may access the data, however, the company is responsible for ensuring the data is used in accordance with the License Agreement.
It is vital that you advise staff and users of the data that it is governed by a License Agreement, as the company will be liable if the data is misused.