How to create a successful commercial partnership

Builders are far more likely to work with manufacturers or suppliers that show true knowledge and passion for the products they are working with.

Once you have made contact, there is a simple technique for enticing prospects – bear in mind the word ‘partnership’.

Builders will work with suppliers and products that offer benefits for both parties. Share the knowledge about your products rather than forcing sales. Think of it as a positive cycle; if you combine quality products and a dedicated ethos, both parties will increase efficiency and profitability.

How do you ensure builders choose your products?

Many local builders will have a simple ethos – one that is based on reliability, honesty and efficiency. If you are a supplier or merchant, this means offering an open book policy and working towards fast lead times and turnarounds.

Many local builders will be a part of tight-knit or family-run company, so it is vital to maintain an honest approach. Only promise what you can offer and don’t over-use fluffy marketing jargon! If your products are quality and cost-effective, they will largely speak for themselves once you have made contact with the builders.

Equally, much of a builder’s work is based on word of mouth, recommendations and face-to-face talking. Contacting the builders directly is therefore a positive step towards raising awareness of your products – this is otherwise known as direct marketing.

Cost-effective and proven direct marketing

Direct marketing strategies, whether email, post or phone, are proven to produce positive results, and are very cost-effective. For the most efficient direct marketing campaigns, it is vital that you work with an accurate and reliable builder’s database – that’s where Data Direct comes in.

With our detailed and comprehensive Builders Database, you can make direct marketing contact with a range of prospects, sharing your product knowledge, and getting one step closer to widening your customer reach, wherever you are based in the UK. Start improving your sales and marketing results today with Data Direct and the Builders Database.

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